We provide comprehensive design and construction management services.  Our projects range in scale from furniture to houses to master plans for 300,000 sf  buildings.  We collaborate closely with graphic designers, engineers, architects, and planners to provide our clients with the infrastructure necessary for their projects, while at the same time maintaining the attention to detail and personal contact of the small studio.

Roundabout’s principals come from diverse backgrounds, with experience ranging in carpentry, finance, sciences, animal care, and software development. As such we see Design in a broader context: Not as a decorative accessory to be layered over something else, but rather integrated into the very essence of landscapes, objects, rooms, and structures.

On select projects that we have designed, we will also undertake the construction.  We work with talented trades and craftspeople who share our commitment to our projects.  We’re the rare design build company that is truly design-centric, which ensures that a client’s ambition, once established, is maintained through all aspects of the project, and not lost along the way.  Whether we build the project, or represent our clients to builders, we treat construction as a natural extension of the design process.

Some of our past and current projects include:

Building Conversions
Residential Additions and Renovations
Condominium Suites
Public Art
Temporary Exhibition Spaces
Programming Studies

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Daniel Harland and Gary Westwood established Roundabout Studio in 2003. Starting out as a two-man operation, they have since grown Roundabout to include a talented design team and construction partnerships that allow us to take on a wide scale of projects.

Daniel Harland is the design principal in charge of all of Roundabout Studio's projects. Daniel emigrated from England in 1989, and went on to study Zoology at the University of Guelph. Daniel's studies in sciences and environmental issues lead to considerations about our place in the built and unbuilt environment, and he became interested in questions regarding the intersection between architecture, interiors, and landscape. He went on to study at the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Design. Daniel continues to be involved at OCAD, teaching thesis and building technology classes. He also currently sits on the Guelph Public Art Advisory Committee as well as the board of directors of the Guelph Arts Council. Travel is an important component in both his professional and private life. Conversely, he can just as often be found marvelling at something new, discovered underfoot. Daniel has an affinity for farmers' markets and English footwear.

Gary Westwood manages client contracts and budgets, as well as day-to-day operations at Roundabout Studio--he makes the trains run on time. Gary graduated from University of Toronto in 1989 with a Bachelor of Commerce and an English Major. Before starting Roundabout with Daniel, he spent his entire career applying sound financial and project management practices to the business of architecture and design. Appreciative of the advice and counsel he's received from mentors and colleagues over the years, Gary shares that knowledge by teaching Design Management at Ryerson University. In his spare time, he enjoys theatre, cryptic crosswords, and plays a so-so game of squash.