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Riverdale House

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Ideas of transparency and connection are explored in a house that blends old and new. An existing two storey house – renovated to include a third floor – is combined with a two storey contemporary addition that modestly integrates itself into the fabric of the neighbourhood. Visual and spatial connections travel three dimensionally, offering changing views and sensorial experiences as the occupant moves throughout the home.

The focal point of the residence is an uninterrupted flight of stairs spanning three stories. Ushering occupants to the third floor office and rooftop patio, the stairs are anchored around a three storey wooden insert that begins in the basement and stretches just shy of the roof. An ascending flock of laser cut swallows helps to draw the eye upward, past all three storeys, through a large skylight at the top of the stairs and into the sky beyond. The use of modern materials – steel, wood, and glass for the stairs – helps act as a natural counterpoint to the textured brick dividing wall.


Similar connections between spaces occur in many areas throughout the home: A wooden slat wall immediately upon entry offers framed glimpses of the rooms beyond. A short passageway lined with illuminated ceiling panels helps to demarcate the division between the existing house and the new addition. A planter on the back deck continues through the exterior wall and into the kitchen, creating programmatic continuity between outside and in. A series of linear lighting features running throughout various spaces provide ambience while bridging rooms together. Custom millwork in the master ensuite begins as a vanity before wrapping down to terminate in a shower bench. These examples, among others, ensure a graceful path through the residence that still provides for unexpected moments of discovery.

Build: Old Soul Carpentry Club

Millwork: Patina FC

Steel Fabrication: Scarborough Steel

Laser Cut Plywood: UB Signs

Photography : Andrew Snow